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Tight black pants seem like an easy and obvious choice for going out, but it gets a little harder for a classier night out.  I like this outfit because you get to elevate fun and sexy tight black pants to lady-like and sophisticated.

What You’ll Need

1. Tight black pants.

The material of the pants really matter.  Go for the nicest, highest quality you can find and afford, whether it’s leather, denim, or something else.

2. Long tunic.

The length of the tunic both elongates you and conservatively covers your tush, so this is a key piece of this outfit.

3. Long necklace.

If your tunic doesn’t have embellishments or details on it that are visible from between the blazer opening, then add a long necklace to add some visual appeal to the blank canvas of your tunic and have it peek out between the opening of the blazer.

4. Black blazer.

Worn unbuttoned.  Maybe with your sleeves slightly rolled up if you feel like it.  This, with the tunic, are the counterweights of your tight black pants, so it’s another key piece that adds to the classiness of the outfit.

5. Your nicest clutch.

Ideally a muted metallic, because a bright metallic is too garish.  The slimness of the clutch adds to the sophistication, because the way clutches are carried requires you to be more feminine, holding your arm close to your body.

6. Black heels.

7. (Optional) Nice bracelet.

If you wear your blazer sleeves rolled up, adding a gold bangle or some other nice bracelet is an easy and appealing way to work your way up to The Rule of 10.

Finish off the look with The Rule of 10, and enjoy your night on the town!

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.40.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.18.27 PM


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LookCanvas – Classy Night Out in Tight Black Pants

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