Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 6.33.41 PMToday’s post is a quickie one on how to add salt to your dish at the very end of the preparation process.  I learned this while at a culinary class in Manhattan, taught by the Chef de Cuisine of Mario Batali’s Casa Mono.

Ever wonder how restaurants always seem to be able to evenly cover your dish with a fine sprinkling of salt all over the plate?  Like on avocado toast, how there’s a tiny bit of coarse sea salt over the entire green landscape, so you get just the right amount of salt in every bite, instead of a random mouthful of yuck?

Same goes with cracked pepper, dried red chili pepper flakes, paprika, or another finishing seasoning.

The silly but true secret is to sprinkle it from really high up.  Like, 15 inches above the plate.

The amateur way is to try to control the salt released from your fingers while only 2-3 inches away from the food, which always results in uneven clumps of salt in random areas.

But if you sprinkle from high up, it’ll fall magically all over the place.  Sometimes a little off the plate, which is okay because it’s only salt and not sugar.

Get some nice salt, like coarse sea salt, or indulge with some pink Himalayan salt, and try sprinkling chef-style on your dinner tonight.

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How To Finish With Salt Chef-Style

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