I’m in Chicago this weekend, and I had drinks at Grant Achatz’s The Aviary.  The drinks included an ice egg that we used a slingshot to break open, a Japanese infuser science experiment, and a multi-layered, alcoholic take on “bubble tea.”

Inside a brightly lit, caged off kitchen were busy culinary bartenders meticulously making cocktails with the utmost attention to detail.

Their heads were down as they poured, stirred and shook drinks as we peered into their cage, like zoo visitors watching rare animals at work.

Indeed, their attention to detail, desire for perfection, passion, commitment, creativity, dedication, collaboration, discipline, and focus on experience were qualities rarely seen in most restaurants and work places.

No wonder Grant Achatz’s restaurants are world-renowned and world-class.

It’s inspiring to see what they are able to accomplish with all those qualities on a consistent, nightly basis.  They elevated cocktails to an art form.

I hope you are also able to find work you love so much that you not only are able to experience such professional dedication and fulfillment, but consistently push the boundaries of your industry as well.

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Drinks At The Aviary In Chicago

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