What I Hope You Get From This BlogWhat I Hope You Get From This Blog

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wished for a big sister. Someone who could help me figure out life and feel more prepared for big things to come.

In my 20s, that was no different. As great as my friends are, I wished for someone older who’d already been there, survived and thrived, and could share her tale so I could navigate tricky things like when to call a guy back, how to dress for a work holiday party, what to do about a flaky friend, and even how to pack a minimal makeup bag for a vacation.

These are my thoughts and experiences, and certainly not a rulebook or the only way to do things, since your life is your own. But hopefully my experiences (positive and negative) will help you better navigate your own decisions and live a life that makes you feel awesome, inspired, authentic, and fulfilled.

This blog is not for everyone, but if it is for you, I hope it helps you live life with more clarity and less confusion, with more joy and less anxiety, with more courage and less fear, and most of all, with more love for yourself.